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Welcome to Gentlys Driving
A Texas-based, Texas-approved on-line Defensive Driving School
valid in all courts in Texas
for ticket dismissal, insurance premium discounts and job requirements
Have you ever taken a defensive driving class where you sat for 6 hours in the back room of a local eatery?
And the meal they served you was okay - just okay.  And even though they advertise it as 'free food', believe me
you're paying for it.  Or maybe you've taken a course that was held over two days with 3 hours each sitting?

And what about the course itself?  No doubt you probably learned something during the course - if it just hadn't
been so long and boring!  And the teacher spoke in a monotone voice? 

Why couldn't someone come up with a defensive driving course that wouldn't be so boring?  A defensive driving 
course that kept your attention?  One that you could take when you wanted to take it? One that made you want to
take it?

WHAT?  You mean someone has done all that?  An on-line course that I can take from my home?  Or from my
office?  Even when I'm traveling, or on vacation?  And I learn from it? And don't fall asleep?    WOW! This is great! 

                  Well, folks, Gentlys Driving is the solution to your problem! 

Gentlys Driving is THE solution!  Gentlys's Driving is a Texas-based, Texas approved defensive driving course for
dismissing your traffic ticket or citation, for lowering your insurance premiums, or for your employment purposes. 
Our defensive driving course was developed by licensed defensive driving instructors  to be informative, educational,
and FUN to take.  You will enjoy our course.
Our Ticket dismissal course is at the state-minimum price of $25.00 - there is not a cheaper Texas-approved ticket
dismissal course anywhere!  There are no hidden fees!
For non-ticket dismissal courses, used for insurance or employment, our course is only $20.00.  That's right!  Only
$20.00.   Plus you can PRINT your non-ticket dismissal certificate immediately upon completion of the course.
A great price AND you print your certificate!  But there's more:  We have NO Final Exam!   There are lots of other
advantages  to our course.

Why should you take Gentlys Driving?  
Gentlys Driving was designed with you, the student, in mind to make your experience fun and enjoyable while
improving your driving skills.
> We are approved by the Texas Education Agency and State of Texas for ticket dismissal and insurance
          premium  reductions  -TEA# C2424   Accepted in ALL municipal, county, Justice of the Peace, and
         state courts in the State of Texas;
> We charge the minimum amount ($25.00) allowed by Texas law for ticket dismissal courses - there is no
         cheaper or lower-priced state-approved course anywhere!  And our non-ticket dismissal  course is
         only $20.00;
> There are NO hidden fees - no processing fee, no mailing fee, no charges for audio...;
> Our course is entirely on-line - you take it when your schedule allows;
> The course does not have to be taken at one time!  You may log-in and log-out whenever you wish and
        as often as you wish;
> You have 90 days from sign-up to complete the course;
> You do not have to be computer savvy -  and there is nothing to install on your computer;
> Our course was designed for both high speed internet connections and dial-up internet connections;
> Our course can be taken on PCs or Macs - and on Linux systems! 
> You can use different computers - start on one computer and finish on another;
> There is NO Final Exam;
> You are asked multiple-choice questions as you progress through the course;
> The course is available 24 hours a day - 7 days a week;
> We offer 24/7 support by Defensive Driving Instructors - who are based in Texas;
> You may take the class before you pay;
> If you do pay at sign-up, we offer a 100% guarantee refund policy.  If you cancel anytime before completing
          the course we will issue a full refund;
> We are a Texas company!  Certificates are processed in and mailed from Austin, TX;
> Certificates for Non-Ticket dismissal courses (for insurance or employment purposes) can be printed
         on your printer immediately upon completion of the course;
> Our course is educational, informative, entertaining and fun to take!

We know you will enjoy our course! 
Sign-up now for Gently's Driving and discover what an enjoyable experience learning can be!

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                         Licensed and Approved by the Texas Education Agency for Ticket Dismissal and Insurance Discount.
                                                 Gentlys Driving on-line course: TEA School License number C2424